Few vehicles on the market are able to match the balance of luxury and performance found in the BMW 5 Series. The midsize luxury sport sedan is full of both refinement and power, offering an unparalleled driving experience.

Get behind the wheel of any 5 Series and you'll be treated to power, handling, and excitement in abundance. But where does that power come from?

BMW has offered 5 Series with a range of available powertrains. Each engine is designed to deliver the impressive driving experience expected from this lauded sport sedan. Smooth revving inline-six engines have been the centerpiece of many 5 Series models, offering linear and sophisticated power. Some others have been offered with the brutal power of V8 engine options.

Alongside that power, you can expect world-class handling. BMW has made sure to offer the 5 Series with independents suspension throughout the years for precise control over varying road types. Plus, most 5 Series models have been engineered for near 50/50 weight distribution.

This exciting performance doesn't come at the cost of comfort, however. The 5 Series sits in the midsize luxury sedan segment. That means it sits on a relatively long wheelbase that improves ride quality. Plus, 5 Series models offer famously quiet cabin spaces decked with premium materials throughout.

If you're looking for a pre-owned luxury sedan without compromises, the BMW 5 Series is surely for you. We warmly invite you to come view our selection of pre-owned 5 Series models here at BMW of Ann Arbor.

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