Drivers often pick SUV or SAV models because they're looking for a vehicle that can handle itself in dry, wet, or off-road conditions with ease. The same applies with the new BMW X3. Drivers like its high ground clearance, strong engines, and practical cargo space. But one question often lingers: does it have four-wheel drive?

The short answer is no. Rather than use a four-wheel drive system, the new X3 comes with available xDrive all-wheel drive. There are some important differences to note here, but xDrive all-wheel drive is plenty capable to handle your more adventurous driving activities.

Four-Wheel Drive vs. All-Wheel Drive: Four-wheel drive is not active all the time. Typically, the drive must manually engage four-wheel drive with either a button or lever. This engages a differential that pushes power to all four wheels. All-wheel drive, by contrast, is engaged at all times. It continuously adjusts how much power is pushed to each of the four wheels.

BMW xDrive: xDrive is BMW's own proprietary all-wheel drive system, and it's the system you'll find available in the new X3. This system monitors the speeds of all four wheels and can adjust power delivery in milliseconds to enhance grip. If you're driving off road, the system will automatically shift torque to maximize traction. If you're driving on tarmac, the system can enhance handling by reducing power to inside wheels on a curve.

You can test drive a new X3 with xDrive at BMW of Ann Arbor. Contact us and we'll set up an appointment.

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