Changing tires from time to time is a normal part of BMW ownership. But knowing exactly when to change tires can sometimes be a challenge for owners. Here at BMW of Ann Arbor, we can help you keep tabs on your tires and choose the right time to change them for a new set.

Mileage: Tire manufacturers give each tire model a specific mileage rating. These ratings estimate how long a given set is likely to last and operate safely. Running tires past this mileage rating may mean you're driving on an unsafe set. Noting the mileage rating of your tires will help you know when to change over to a new set.

Age: You can also tell when it's time to change over to a new set buy tire age. Manufacturers include the date of production. Your technician can check the age of your tires to make sure they're still safe to drive with.

Condition: A wide range of factors can affect how quickly a set of tires wears down, from misaligned wheels to potholes and road salt. Once a certain amount of tread is gone, your tires may not be safe for operation. You can request a tire inspection at your next service appointment to make sure your set is in good condition. If there's too much wear and tear, it may be time for a new set.

Performance: Tires have a dramatic effect on overall performance, from ride comfort to grip and handling. If your vehicle isn't living up to your expectations, try changing or upgrading tires. It's a simple way to enhance your driving experience.

Seasons: Different kinds of tires are designed for different seasons, from summer heat to winter cold. Changing between summer and winter tires is commonplace in Michigan, and we recommend it for anyone who wants maximum performance potential year-round.

Contact our staff when you're ready to schedule a tire change appointment.

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