BMW has announced that Android Auto™, the popular automotive smartphone integration system, will be available in new models by mid-2020.

BMW has worked hard to keep its models on the cutting edge of automotive technology. With features like Apple CarPlay™ and the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, these vehicles are equipped to keep drivers connected in safe and convenient ways. Android Auto integration is just the latest effort to ensure BMW owners have the helpful technology that they need.

Android Auto itself was developed as a way to integrate smartphone functionality into cars, trucks, and SUVs. The system shares your smartphone screen applications with your BMW Control Display as well as the instrument cluster display and head up display.

You'll be able to access and control a wide variety of applications via Android Auto. From navigation to music streaming and more, this feature makes it easy to interact with your smartphone without taking undue attention away from the road. That's made largely possible by The Google Assistant voice control interface.

Connecting your smartphone to Android Auto will be simple. Rather than juggling cords and cables, BMW drivers can connect to Android Auto wirelessly. Don't worry about cables -- just stow your smartphone safely and hit the road.

According to BMW, wireless Android Auto will be available in July 2020. Vehicles with BMW Operating 7.0 will be eligible.

If you have questions about Android Auto integration or about other technology features, reach out to us here at BMW of Ann Arbor. Our dealership is your resource for understanding BMW features and technologies, so don't hesitate to contact our staff or check out our online inventory.

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