Learn More About Auto Maintenance at the BMW of Ann Arbor Service Center

Drivers from Ypsilanti, Westland, and other Michigan communities travel to BMW of Ann Arbor to access the quality care available at our authorized BMW service center. However, many have questions about our service before their visits. Take a look below to find out more about BMW service practices and benefits found at BMW of Ann Arbor.

What Kinds of Services Are Available at BMW of Ann Arbor?

  • Oil Change: Engine oil is the primary lubricant for the multitude of moving parts inside your BMW engine. It prevents excess friction and heat buildup, mitigating unnecessary wear and improving efficiency along the way. Since engine oil loses its effectiveness over time, it's important to drain it out an put in new oil at regular intervals. BMW of Ann Arbor can provide oil changes for your vehicle using original BMW engine oils and oil filters that are designed for specific BMW makes and models.
  • Brake Service: Brake components are some of the most important on any vehicle. They work under extreme conditions to make sure your car can stop when it needs to. Like most other components, brake pads and rotors eventually wear out. Driving on overly worn brake components can be a threat to your own safety and the safety of other drivers. That's why the technicians at BMW of Ann Arbor always check the condition of your brakes when you come in for service. They'll let you know when it's time to install new pads or rotors, and they'll use original BMW parts to get the job done.
  • Wheel Alignments and Tire Rotations: These services are designed primarily to help promote tire longevity. Wheel alignments correct the tracking of your vehicle so that it's straight and true. This can help your tires wear in more even and predictable ways. Rotating your tires can also improve tire longevity, as different positions can cause different wearing patterns.
  • Battery Replacement: Car batteries affect everything from starting your engine to power infotainment and headlamps. Unfortunately, car batteries do lose their power over time. Our team of technicians will check your battery levels during every service appointment to make sure you're ready to hit the road. If power levels are low, we can quickly install a brand new battery that's ready to keep your car running for years to come.
  • Tire Installation: Most drivers around Farmington Hills and Canton, MI buy new tires every few years. When you decide to get new rubber for your car, BMW of Ann Arbor can get them onto your wheels. We'll make sure the tires are secure and properly inflated before you hit the road.
  • These are just a few of the multitude of vehicle maintenance services available at BMW of Ann Arbor. We're prepared to address any number of maintenance needs for your vehicle. Just let us know what needs to be done, and we'll get to work.

    BMW Service FAQs

    Some visitors to our service center have questions specific to BMW Service. Here are a few common questions and simple answers for your convenience.

    Why Do I Need to Take My BMW to an Official BMW Center?

    Visiting an Authorized BMW Center is the best way to ensure that your BMW is getting the quality of service that it needs to operate at its full potential. These centers employ BMW-trained technicians with broad foundations of industry expertise. For every service, technicians use original BMW parts. Authorized BMW Centers also have access to the various recommended service intervals for BMW models across the decades.

BMW of Ann Arbor
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What Kinds of Maintenance Programs Does BMW Offer?

BMW offers three maintenance programs, each one offering a unique set of services and benefits.

  • BMW Value Service
  • BMW Ultimate Care
  • BMW Ultimate Care Plus

How Can I Find the Correct Parts and Accessories for My BMW?

Each BMW model requires specific parts for proper functionality. Luckily, BMW of Ann Arbor can help you get your hands on the right ones for your specific model. We use a database to find proper part numbers for proper vehicles. If you're ordering parts for a BMW, you'll feel confident knowing that we'll deliver original BMW components or accessories. If you need help with installation, just schedule an appointment with our service center.

Why Choose Original BMW Parts for Routine Maintenance?

There are many parts manufacturers on the market that produce components that fit BMW models. However, there's no replacement for the original manufacturer. BMW continues to produce vehicle components long after models have finished production. These parts and accessories are built to exact factory specifications and they're held to a higher standard of quality than most off-brand offerings. They're designed to fit your car correctly the first time and help it perform properly for years.