The fifth generation of eDrive technology is the future of sustainability in the all-electric BMW iX preview series. If you're interested in cutting-edge electric luxury vehicles, the future of the BMW is looking even brighter. The iX is expected to be the most advanced and sustainable vehicle yet. Whether it's the performance of the electric vehicle or building of the vehicle, you can expect sustainability improvements at every level.

Learn more about BMW iX and the fifth generation of eDrive.

What to Expect from the Fifth Generation of BMW eDrive Technology

BMW vehicles equipped with the fifth generation of BMW eDrive Technology will have two high-efficiency electric motors, which provide up to 500 combined horsepower. With this incredible power, BMW drivers can enjoy zero-emission driving without compromising the legendary driving experience BMW is known for.

The high level of drive system efficiency and higher density high-voltage batteries enhance dynamic driving and electric power consumption. The BMW iX combines the drive system and battery technology with lightweight construction and an aerodynamically optimized design for sporty agility, sustainability, and practicality.

The center of the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology is the drive unit. This unit combines the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission as a highly integrated package within a single housing. With a power density around 30 percent higher than earlier electric drive systems, you can expect even better efficiency and power.

The integrated electric drive system is crucial for the efficiency of the BMW iX xDrive50, providing a dramatic reduction in the installation space required relative to the power the drive system produces.

Stronger Electric Motors, Less Reliance on Critical Materials

The BMW iX xDrive50 is expected to have an acceleration of 0 to 62 mph in under 5.0 seconds. With an electronically governed top speed of 124 MPH, you can expect impressive speed and acceleration. The BMW Group develops its electric motors in-house, resulting in an efficiency factor of 93 percent. This accomplishment is possible, thanks to a departure from technology normally found in competitor units.

Most competitor units use synchronous motors. However, the BMW iX motors don't require the fixed permanent magnets other units need. By functioning with the feed-in of electric energy, there isn’t a need for the rare materials needed magnetic components.

Instead of torque being maintained over a narrow rev band like most electric motors, BMW's electric motors have an extremely broad rev band, allowing for access to peak torque immediately. With the BMW iX, power development is not only instantaneous but also consistent for reliable acceleration and power.

Adaptive Recuperation of Energy

With the BMW iX, brake recuperation is fine-tuned with the navigation system and sensors of the driver assistance systems to manage the intensity of recuperation. This is applied to situations like approaching an intersection where the degree of recuperation can be increased while feeding energy back to the battery for stronger deceleration.


Sustainability of the new BMW iX xDrive50 isn't limited to the performance. You can expect responsible use of resources and minimizing the carbon footprint at all stages of this upcoming vehicle's lifecycle. There are measures to improve sustainability for every model can be seen in all areas the creation and use of BMW vehicles.

The BMW doesn't pass responsibility to the supplier network. It takes responsibility together with its direct suppliers.

When to Expect Changes

US pre-orders for the BMW iX xDrive50 will start as soon as June 2021. The launch of this technology is expected early 2022. Be sure to check back in with us for more updates in BMW sustainability and electric driving!

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