Now is the right time to sell, with the value of used cars at an all-time high. At BMW of Ann Arbor, we provide a better way to sell than finding a private seller. You can find a fair price for your vehicle while enjoying a streamlined process. With our intuitive online appraisal, you can follow straightforward steps to discover the value of your vehicle from the comfort of your home.

Find out why so many drivers choose to sell to us.

Current Demand for Used Vehicles

With the chip shortage, the reliability of modern vehicles, and the frugality of drivers during the pandemic, the used car market is at an all-time high. Many drivers can profit from their vehicle even if it is an older model or has some issues. We are always looking to add to our used inventory and accept vehicles of all types of brands, body styles, and models.

The Benefits of Selling to Us

When you choose to sell to a private seller, you can expect an experience that is often time-consuming, frustrating, and stressful. Selling privately means advertising your vehicle, answering questions, scheduling times to meet potential buyers, and haggling with buyers for a fair price who are looking to get you to sell your car for less.

By choosing us, you can skip all the unpleasant pitfalls of selling privately. By completing our online appraisal form, you can discover the value of your vehicle without leaving your home. We use the information you provide to find the market value of your vehicle by working with a network of dealers.

While you are under no obligation to sell or trade in your vehicle after completing this online form, you can wrap up the rest of the sale with a final inspection and signing paperwork. Instead of weeks or months of trying to sell your car, it's possible to sell your car in a day.

You can get started today by completing our online appraisal form.