It can be challenging to find a used car that offers the right price point and level of reliability. However, many drivers choose our low-mileage inventory to find the sweet spot of both benefits and other advantages you may not have considered. At BMW of Ann Arbor, we are excited to share our selection of low-mileage vehicles so that you can find the best match for you.

Find out the top three reasons to choose a low-mileage car with us.

1. Reliability

While some drivers are skeptical that a vehicle with low mileage may have something wrong with it and require more expensive repairs, you will find the opposite is true for our selection. Our low-mileage inventory includes cars with less than 30 thousand miles on the odometer, ensuring a healthy engine and minimal wear and tear.

Not only do low-mileage cars have few to no issues, but they also retain a higher value or longer than other used cars. If or when you choose to sell, you can take advantage of a higher resale value.

2. Lower Service Costs

With under 30 thousand miles, our low-mileage cars usually only require minimal maintenance, such as tire rotations and oil changes. High-mileage cars often require more expensive replacements and service, including new tires, brakes, and timing belts. By pushing out your service schedule, you can save money.

3. Transparency

You can discover a new sense of confidence when shopping our low-mileage inventory since we provide free CARFAX® vehicle history reports. Whether you want to check for past damage or title issues, you can access these reports online to provide you with the peace of mind you need.

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