Our bargain inventory under 10 thousand dollars lets you comfortably shop within your price range and save money on your next vehicle. Not only do we offer low prices, but we also provide drivers with the transparency they need to make a selection. Whether you're a family driver shopping on a tight budget or a daily commuter in need of an affordable car, you can find the right match for you.

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The lower starting price of our bargain inventory makes it possible to find the right price for your budget and explore more options within your price range. With more options and lower prices, you may discover you features and capabilities to go with your driving needs. Not only can you save with the sticker price, but you can also save with lower financing and insurance rates.


You may find us carrying bargain vehicle by BMW, making it possible to enjoy iconic style and luxury features while paying less. Since we are always updating our bargain inventory with new options, it's worth checking what we have to offer regularly to see if there is a model that works for you. We routinely carry bargain vehicles from other brands to provide you with more features and body styles to consider.

As you look through our bargain inventory, you may find popular models from brands like Kia, Chevrolet, and Audi.


With our free CARFAX® vehicle history reports, you can discover crucial background information about a bargain car before you even see it in-person. By selecting the CARFAX® icon, you can view information on everything from service records to the number of previous owners.

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