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  • Regina King
    BMW Genius

    With a major in psychology, and a minor in communication I thrive off of sharing and gaining information that I am passionate about. I have been in the automotive industry for just over a year. My goal here at BMW of Ann Arbor is continuous learning in order to gain a wide range of product knowledge. I am here to effectively answer all of your questions regarding anything BMW. In my free time I am a singer/songwriter and host at venues for local talents and work with aspiring artists trying to help build up the community in a positive way.

  • Billy Becker
    BMW Genius

    Hello! My name is William Becker, and I would like to welcome you to Suburban BMW of Ann Arbor! I joined the auto industry in 2018, but I have been coming to the dealership with my dad since I can remember. I was the kid always running from car to car and sitting in the driver's seats. My name tag at my last job was edited to read "Billy BMW," so you know I have a real passion for the BMW brand and honestly feel like it is the best brand in the business. Our clients are not just purchasing a vehicle; they are making an excellent investment and receiving the ultimate driving machine. My certifications include BMW M, as well as bachelor's degrees in anthropology/sociology and psychology. When it comes to the client's experience, I am never pushy, and I make sure my guests have a good time. I enjoy shopping for cars, so I take a great deal of joy in helping others find the perfect vehicle for them. Outside of the dealership, I like tinkering on my cars and bikes and traveling to BMWCCA events. I also love to spend time with my amazing partner, Kaiya, who I have known almost my whole life. Some of my special skills include being a writer, artist, musician, driver, and mechanic. I'm also a big fan of Star Wars, and of course, BMW!

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