With summer upon us, now is the right time to find the best tires to match your summer plans and ensure they are ready for another season. At BMW Ann Arbor, we serve surrounding areas with our exceptional tire service. Our state-of-the-art facility, specialized equipment, and BMW-certified technicians ensure all your needs are met.

Learn more about the importance of tire service and how our team can help out.

Why Change My Tires?

There are plenty of reasons why you may need to change your tires, ranging from how long you've had them to your driving needs. Most tire manufacturers recommend you find new tires every six to ten years, depending on their condition. We provide thorough tire inspections to assess the condition and safety of your tires, but you can visually inspect your tires to catch any issues developing.

Some of the red flags that may require a tire change include:

  • Cracks
  • Punctures
  • Leaks

While we can repair some issues, more extreme damage to your tires will require a new set.

Change Your Tires to Match the Season

If you still have winter or all-season tires on your vehicle, you will likely want to change your tires to match your summer driving needs. While there's nothing like snow tires to provide the safety needed when driving on ice and in cold weather, you can enjoy more safety and improved performance with the right tires for summer.

Whether you're looking to maximizing your handling on pavement or for more traction on dirt roads, we provide high-quality tires to match your vehicle and terrain. Not only can you improve your driving dynamics but having the right tires to match the season can help improve mileage.

The Importance of Tread Depth

Your tire tread is the grooved circumference of the tire. The tire tread plays a huge role in your vehicle's traction, handling, and stopping distances. As you drive, the tread slowly wears away, but excessive wear can negatively affect your vehicle's safety and performance. Without enough tread, your fuel economy will suffer, and stopping distances will become unsafe.

The minimum tread level depth required by most states is 2/32 of an inch. You can check your tire tread depth for yourself but having our team inspect your tires will save you time and energy. Our technicians can estimate how much longer you can drive with your tires, determine if they are unsafe, and take measures to maximize your tires' longevity.

Get the Most Out of Your Tires

Routine tire service is necessary to keep your tires in the best possible condition. One of the most common tire services to maximize your tires' longevity is tire rotations. Typically, front tires wear out quicker than the rear tires since they have more weight above them and take the brunt of the force when accelerating or stopping. Rotating your tires routinely helps all your tires to wear at the same rate.

We also provide services like tire balancing and wheel alignments so that tires wear evenly across each tire. Weight imbalances and suspensions can create scalloped tire tread, which can lead to blow-outs and unsafe driving. By getting ahead of tire issues, you can make your tires last longer and avoid the costs of buying new tires often.

Schedule Tire Service at BMW of Ann Arbor

Our BMW-authorized service center has the equipment and expertise to provide high-quality tire service. Whether you're looking to change your tires or rotate them, our service team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule tire service!

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